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Financial Accountability in the European Union

Monthly Archives: October 2014

EU Accountability Conference 2014

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How to achieve accountability at MS level for shared management? What should the remit for auditors at EU and national level be? How to account for EU policy’s effectiveness and measure impact? How should the European Central Bank (ECB) be held to account? Why is the ESM/ESFS a special case, and challenge, for public audit? How to democratically […]

Questioning the effectiveness of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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Two special reports published this month by the European Court of Auditors question the added value of the EU budget when channelled through fisheries and regional development programmes, to projects aiming to protect and improve aquaculture, and biodiversity more generally. ‘Each year the EU produces about 1,3 million tonnes of fish from aquaculture, and the sector has a turnover […]

“Good Administration” comes to Deusto’s European Journal

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How much would you trust EU institutions if you suspected that they were badly governed? Not too much, I guess. Then why is it that arguments around EU democratic legitimacy tend to focus on better results (output legitimacy) or improved citizen participation (intput legitimacy)? This is likely because reforms aimed at improving public administration do not actually pay […]

The European Court of Auditors presents its Landscape Review

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On 3 September 2014, Maria-Luisa Sanchez-Barrueco (Universidad de Deusto), Paul Stephenson (SciencesPo Paris/Maastricht University), Hartmut Aden (Berlin School of Economics and Law) and Jacques Sciberras (European Court of Auditors) presented four papers in their panel ‘Financial Accountability in the European Union: Building the Cathedral of EU Legitimacy?’ at the 44th UACES conference in Cork, Ireland.   While […]

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